Anticipatory Guidance

Anticipatory  Guidance refers to all those things I speak to you and your children about at every visit.   Some topikidscs will make sense right away, like nutrition, while others may seem more obscure, like snoring!  As your child’s dentist, I have the privilege of seeing them frequently (usually every 6 months) and watching them grow.  This puts me in a unique situation to address different issues associated with your child’s growth and overall health and well-being.

Topics in your child’s exam may include:

  • feeding issues, muscle tone, drooling
  • speech, tongue thrust, lisps, articulation
  • perioral habits:  thumb/finger sucking, chewing on clothes
  • safety including helmets, seat belts, mouthguards
  • behavioral development or delays including PDD, sensory issues and motor issues
  • counsel for 504s, IEPs and navigating the NYC DOE
  • snoring, apnea, mouth breathing issues
  • growth of the jaw, jaw joint and assessment of bite
  • effects of medications (chronic or seasonal) and alternative treatment options
  • nutrition from infant through teenage years
  • pre-teen guidance, positive self-image building

Each dental exam I perform includes an assessment of your child’s growth, both mental and physical.  Assessments include reactions to lights, sounds, sensations and touch.  Early intervention is essential to your child’s successful growth and we are lucky in New York to have a vibrant early intervention community with world-renowned experts just outside our doorstep!   While it may seem to an outsider that we are simply “playing in the dental chair”, a lot of time and thought goes into each interaction I have with your child.   As the mom of a child with special needs, I also have a unique perspective on therapy, interventions and how to navigate the school system.

Don’t worry, if I have any concerns regarding your child, I will always speak to you right away.

Looking forward to seeing you and your child at their next check up!