Big Hero 6

If you saw the Disney movie Big Hero 6 then you know its only a matter of time before robots may be guiding our children through anxious medical and dental treatments.  We already utilize technology in the dental office in the form of cartoons and movies as distraction.  A new robot has been designed specifically to help children manage pain and painful medical treatments.


Dr. Tanya Beran, Chief Scientific Officer for RxRobots™ and Professor in Community Health
Sciences at the Cumming School of Medicine,
University of Calgary observed an experiment of a teenage boy interacting with a robot. Not only did he show empathy, but he also tried to help the robot.
Not knowing why and with little in the research to explain this behavior, she started her own. Dr. Beran was shocked to find that children tend to think that robots are alive.
While working in hospitals, Dr. Beran was alarmed to see children screaming, struggling, and pleading not to have a needle. She realized these procedures need to be easier, faster, and far less painful.

“MEDi will become an essential part of the dental team of every dental office”

Results from a randomized trial, published in the June 2013 issue of the Vaccine journal, showed that MEDi helped calm children and reduce their pain by 50 percent during medical procedures, such as vaccinations, using cognitive-behavioral intervention. Comparable results are now being gathered by a dental office in New Jersey.

The dental team has been utilizing MEDi for about five months now and reports overall positive experiences. MEDi is constantly in the active mode allowing children to interact with him immediately and continually upon entering the dental operatory. MEDi distracts the children, reducing their initial anxiety and fear. They listen to the MEDi’s instructions, which allows the rest of the dental team to move forward faster and more seamlessly with their work with a more compliant patient.






Shark Teeth!

Does your child have shark teeth? (Ectopic eruption)

If your child’s permanent teeth are erupting behind the baby teeth, your child has shark teeth!  Don’t worry, this is a common occurrence and we can help.  If the baby teeth are extremely loose, you can let nature take its course and allow the baby teeth to fall out in a few weeks.

However, once the permanent teeth have erupted 25% (see picture), no amount of wiggling will get those baby teeth out.  It is important to remove the baby teeth as they are an obstacle to the proper growth pattern.

shark teeth

Why did my child’s teeth come in like this?

Ectopic teeth can be caused by genetic factors such as having a narrow jaw, crowded teeth or teeth that are too large for the jaw size.  Other times, it is simply result of where the permanent teeth started developing.

What will happen if I don’t have the baby teeth removed?

The sooner the baby teeth are removed, the quicker the permanent teeth can move into the right spot.  A delay in removing the baby teeth could create a loss of jaw space and create more complex orthodontic (braces) problems in the future.

How quickly will the permanent teeth move in the right spot?

Nature is truly amazing, and the permanent teeth will start moving immediately after the obstacle is out of the way.  Pressure applied naturally from the tongue will guide the new teeth into the right spot within a few weeks.

Will it hurt to take out the baby teeth?

Dr. Gretchen is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist.   Most children are surprised at the end of the appointment to learn that teeth are out and ready for delivery to the tooth fairy!  Children sense parent fear, so it is important not to worry your children with words like needles or shots.  We encourage you to sit with your child, and we’ll take care of the explanations!