First Visit

Year 1 Visit

Both your pediatrician and your pediatric dentist endorse the first dental visit by age 1.  Why?  Naturally, your baby has seen the pediatrician multiple times by age one, usually to make sure that your baby is healthy, perform routine examinations and answer questions.  We know that prevention starts early and that the internet (and other parents) may be a confusing source of information.  Let us be your child’s guide to happy, healthy teeth.

Did you know that cavities are contagious?  

At the infant well-check appointment, we will cover this topic along with many others.  Here are some of the other topics we will cover at your infant’s first dentist appointment:

  • home care instructions, how, when and why to brush
  • caries risk assessment (how likely is your baby to become a child with cavities?)
  • nutrition, dietary practices, bottles, and sippy cups
  • trauma prevention
  • speech assessment
  • non-nutritive habits: pacifiers, thumb sucking
  • jaw growth assessment and occlusion

Decisions you make for your infant by age 1 may have consequences for the teeth (baby and permanent ) for the rest of his or her life.  Oral care can seem complicated and confusing, but we can make it easy, let us help you!

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