Impact Of Sugar On Tooth Decay Remains A Major Health Concern

Sugar intake has effects on diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, but according to the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), it is important that the effect of sugar intake on tooth decay is also considered. Earlier this year, a 60-year period systematic review undertaken on behalf of the WHO [World Health Organization] has shown an association between the amount of sugar consumed and the development of dental cavities.

Sugar acts like a drug when trying to quit it. It causes withdrawals and cravings like a drug.  That’s sugar in all its forms: Sucrose-refined white sugar; brown sugar; organic evaporated cane juice; and many others. It definitely includes high fructose corn syrup.

The FGDP has joined hands with other organizations concerned with the effects of sugar on health. Their aim is to see added sugar to contribute to only 5% of total energy intake which is in line with the advice given by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition. One major aim is to reach a consensus among food and drink manufacturers to slowly decrease the amount of added sugars in beverages and processed foods. Processed foods and beverages being a part of modern diet, steps to reduce the amount of sugars in such foods will bring overall benefits not limited to teeth alone.